ABS Emergency ServicesImportant: Do not attempt to contain an active spill without proper personal protective equipment or knowledge about the type of material spilled.

In the event of an emergency, here are some response actions you can take to help contain the incident and help decrease the damages before our HAZMAT crew arrives.

  1. Evacuate personnel from the immediate spill area.
  2. Contact local emergency responders (police and fire department) if incident occurred on or near highway.
  3. Contact the environmental department of the E&P Company if incident occurred on E&P location.
  4. Call the ABS spill response team at 701.838.4558.
  5. Identify the spilled material.
  6. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
  7. Barricade spill area if possible and notify people in surrounding areas.
  8. Extinguish or disconnect all ignition sources and contact fire department if spill material is flammable.
  9. Contain the spill with on-site absorbents or tools the best you can (shovels and rakes work best).
  10. Build dirt berms or dig trench to prevent further contamination.
  11. Wait for our HAZMAT team to arrive.

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